The power play: Distributed energy resources

We believe there is an unparalleled opportunity to create value by hosting and monetizing multiple onsite distributed energy resources (DERs). Proximity to strategic grid interconnection is key to facilitating the storage and sale of power, which can provide benefits like additional revenue, energy resilience, and rental appeal for both property owners and tenants.

  1. Battery storage: Battery energy storage system hosting can be a source of revenue, reduce peak demand charges, and improve grid resilience.

  2. Rooftop solar: The US has approximately 40 billion square feet of unutilized roof and parking space with the potential to host solar capacity of 328 GW,1 which can help offset onsite electric costs and offer additional rooftop leasing, community solar, and renewable energy certificate (REC) revenue streams.

  3. Vehicle to grid: Fleet-based vehicle to grid applications create new revenue streams for both landlord and tenant.

  4. EV charging infrastructure: Tenants will pay a premium for dedicated electric fleet charging resources given limited supply.

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Aerial view of semi trucks during unloading and a large storehouse with solar panels on the rooftop.