David Sher, Co-CEO of Greenbacker, talks about the trends transforming the future of the renewable energy asset class

David Sher discusses the opportunities he sees shaping the future of the renewable energy industry and the crucial role direct investment in sustainable infrastructure will play in addressing the climate crisis.
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On our radar: slave labor and the solar panel supply chain

Investors are concerned about the sourcing of solar panel materials in parts...
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Planting pollinators: restoring ecosystems on solar sites

Greenbacker’s solar projects do more than just produce clean energy—they also support...

Reflections on Greenbacker, ten years in

All businesses begin with a dream. Greenbacker’s began in 2011, when a...
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Wind power, freezing weather, and the renewable energy landscape in Texas

The mid-February winter storm in Texas has dramatically underscored the importance of...
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Tax equity: a boost for investors in renewable energy projects

Tax equity is an essential—and growing—component of renewable energy investing. According to...

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