Planting Pollinators: Restoring Ecosystems on Solar Sites

Greenbacker’s solar projects do more than just produce clean energy—they also support declining pollinator populations. Being a good steward of the land is a top priority for Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company and our fleet of sustainable energy projects. A new...

Reflections on Greenbacker, Ten Years in

All businesses begin with a dream. Greenbacker’s began in 2011, when a...
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Wind Power, Freezing Weather, and the Renewable Energy Landscape in Texas

The mid-February winter storm in Texas has dramatically underscored the importance of...
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Tax Equity: A Boost for Investors in Renewable Energy Projects

Tax equity is an essential—and growing—component of renewable energy investing. According to...
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Driving Economic Growth by Democratizing Renewable Energy Investing

With the approach of the winter flu season, the United States faces...
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Stability in a Storm: From Pandemic to Climate Crisis

As the global pandemic wreaked havoc on financial markets, investors experienced dramatic...

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